Renowned State Universities


State universities are supported by the government, therefore having very low tuition averaging US$ 10,000~ 20,000 with US$ 8,000~12,000 for dormitories.

Student Qualifications


Same as for private schools but does not require SAT 2 scores, and even exempts SAT scores for foreigners. Of course, all students including foreigners must take SAT upon graduating from high school in the US.

Top Ranked State University List

Rank School Name
1 Univ. of Californai-Berkeley
2 University of Virginia
3 U. of California-Los Angeles
4 Univ.of Michgan-Ann Arbor
5 U. of N.C.-Chapel Hii
6 Col. Of William and Mary (VA)
7 Georgia Institute of Tech.
8 Univ. of California -San Diego
9 Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
10 U.of Ill.-Urbana-Champaign
11 University of Washington
12 University of California-Davis
13 University of California-Irvine
14 U. of Calif.-Santa Barbara
15 Penn.State-University Park
16 University of Texas-Austin
17 University of Florida
18 U. of Maryland-College Park
19 Ohio State Univ.-Columbus
20 University of Georgia
21 University of Pittsburgh
22 Clemson University(SC)
23 U. of Minnesota-Twin Cities
24 Rutgers, the State Univ. of New Jersey-New Brunswick
25 Texas A&M Univ.-Col.Station
26 Miami University-Oxford(OH)
27 Purdue U.-W.Lafayette(IN)
28 University of Connecticut
29 University of Iowa
30 Indiana Univ.-Bloomington
31 Michigan State University
32 University of Delaware
33 Virginia Tech
34 SUNY-Binghamton
35 Univ. of Colorado-Boulder
36 Colorado School of Mines
37 N.C.State U.-Raleigh
38 SUNY Col.Envir.Sci.&For.
39 University of Alabama
40 Iowa State University
41 Univ. of California-Riverside
42 University of Kansas
43 Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln
44 University of Vermont
45 Auburn University (AL)
46 SUNY-Stony Brook
47 University of Arizona
48 U.of California-Santa Cruz
49 Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
50 Florida State University
51 U. of Mass.-Amherst