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Professional academic experts of Boston High School Program will be responsible for guiding every individual student to achieve outstanding academic results continuously from Grade 9 till entry into their dreamed university.

Program Information

The American education is very different from the rest of the world and highly complicated through high school to university level. It is not based on final exams but based on daily homework, weekly quizzes and tests, and participation in the classroom. Student grades change weekly according to student performance, and accumulate student Grade Point Average (GPA), which will be assessed by universities for entry, at the end of their high school.

This system thus always requires students to concentrate, study hard, be independent and creative from Grade 9 to 12, in order to accomplish their dream of entering top American universities and securing scholarships.

However, in reality, international students can be easily lost, lose concentration or side tracked, when unable to balance between a challenging study life without family aside, in order to achieve good performance and reach their final goals. They do need daily and weekly advice on how to improve and sustain high grades, as well as how to take Honor and Advance Program (AP) courses to achieve their university goals.

Boston High School program is built specifically to solve these international student problems. Professional academic experts of Boston High School Program will be responsible for guiding every individual student to achieve outstanding academic results continuously from Grade 9 till entry into their dreamed university.

Our Services

Picking up students from airports

Taking students touring their schools

Helping students open bank account

Helping them complete their school medical requirements such as immunization and medical records

Taking them to hospitals when they are sick

Taking students on city tours

Helping students buy school uniform, books and any other shoppings related to their study or their personnel use

Setting up new phone line for students

Showing them the way to school if they have to walk to school

Driving them to their TOEFL, SAT exam centers and to their academic, sports competions outside of the school.


Providing academic guidance

Teaching students to develop a thorough understanding and adjust to the new American education system

Helping students start thinking about choosing majors

Preparing students for Honors and AP courses

Preparing students for National Honors Society

Helping students participate in extra curricular academic activities including competition in and out of school

Checking student daily performance, daily homework, help prepare students for quizzes and tests

Teaching students the importance of disciplinary study

Helping students plan study goals and make individual study plan for each student

Choosing right courses for high school and for future major

Preparing students for SAT

Helping students participate in leadership, clubs and community services

Monitoring closely student GPA and help them improve higher and higher GPA

Scheduling meetings with students teachers

Teaching them how to focus, how to study smart and manage their life and study time well

University Application

Providing academic guidance

Alerting students the best time to apply to colleges and universities

Planning university application from Grade 9

Ensuring students participating in college fairs

Bringing students to visit colleges and universities

Discussing and providing information on college and university best options for students major, with scholarships, and help student apply for scholarships

Working with students on their GPA

Guiding students to prepare resume

Alerting students the best time to apply to colleges and universities


With these services, Boston High School Program benefits and meets the needs of not only students but also parents and school teachers and administrators

Benefits for students

  • Adjust to a new school and be successful in school
  • Grow personally and socially
  • Develop skills in communication, understanding and self-awareness
  • Develop positive attitude towards self and others
  • Make effective decisions
  • Be responsible

Benefits for parents

  • Understand their child's progress in school
  • Select strategies to motivate their child
  • Develop realistic goals with their child
  • Become actively involved in their child's school life
  • Benefits for teachers and administrators
  • Understand and meet individual student needs
  • Provide special help for students
  • Plan and teach unity on guidance related topics

American Educational System

Basically, the American educational system comprises of 12 grades of study over 12 calendar years of primary and secondary education before graduating and becoming eligible for college and University admission.

Appeals of American Secondary Education

  • Excellent academic standards
  • Emphasis on students’ overall development
  • Enhancement of students’ confidence
  • Development of students’ leadership and teamwork spirit
  • Tolerance of cultural diversity
  • Contribution

Our Host Families

  • Our Host Families are all close to schools, in a good and safe neighborhood
  • At least one member of our homestays is university graduate
  • Our Host Families provide students with room and board, with daily fresh healthy meals
  • All our Host Families maintain a loving, comfortable and safe environment for students to live in and be a part of
  • They share American language and lifestyle with students
  • Our Host Families are surrogate ‘families’ for the student
  • They show deep concerns and awareness for the student’s health, emotional and academic progress
  • They Share the daily life and activities with the students, including vacations

Providing guardianship

  • Providing legal protection and guidance for student, on a daily basis, to adapt to the American study and living environment
  • 24 hour care for emergencies, anytime and anywhere
  • The guardian is the main contact and representative, by law, for the student, his/her family and the various host families, schools, and organizations that the student becomes part of while studying in the US
  • Coordinating and executing arrangements for the student in a host family, school and Parents
  • Holding regular meetings in China / Vietnam with parents, and regular meetings in the US with students, personally by the Program Director

Our Schools

  • Our schools are located in good neighborhoods
  • Our teachers have minimum 5 yrs teaching experience & Masters Degree
  • Caring for individuals
  • Providing a good range of AP and Honors courses
  • Delivering tutor support and extra-curricular academic activities
  • Featuring excellent academic standards, challenging classes with distinguished teachers
  • Emphasizing on overall development including responsibility, independence, student leadership and teamwork
  • Providing opportunities to meet and form friendship with more American students, unlike boarding schools where international students often cluster together resulting in less contact with American students
  • Allowing interaction with American students, meaning more opportunities to speak and improve English
  • Giving opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities and perform community services



  • Tuition
  • Homestay near the school
  • Guardian service
  • Academic guidance service
  • Assistance with College application guidance and counseling
  • Trips, Events and Activities in Boston and outside of Boston during the school year
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Trips to hospital or exam centers

Please check IP Education website under high school program; you will see all the services we offer in details during the high school period. The most significant are the academic guidance service and the college application guidance and counseling. It is also important to note that Boston is the best city for education in the world.


In addition to being a rich intellectual environment, Boston is a diverse cultural community that offers many opportunities for participating and enjoying activities in arts, sciences, athletics, and entertainment. Boston Talent High School has included a selection of these events in its program that will give student a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience at this fascinating city.

List of Events

  • “First Night” New Year’s Celebration Activities
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Museum of Science
  • Museum of Fine Art
  • Theatre at Harvard
  • Boston Bruins Hockey
  • Boston Red Sox Baseball
  • Boston Celtic Basketball
  • Boston Patriots Football
  • New England Aquarium
  • Boston Harbor Whale Watch
  • Six Flags Amusement Park
  • Ferry Boat Trip to Cape Cod
  • Bowling
  • Snow Tubing
  • Seaside
  • Music Show


Historically, the state of Massachusetts and its capitol city Boston have been the education center of America. The first public school charter in the country was written there by the English settlers in 1607. The first college in the country, Harvard, was founded there in 1637. And the first public high school system in the United States was established there in 1839. Throughout its history Boston has been America’s leading innovator in education. And the same holds true today. Its High School systems are annually ranked among the best in the nation. And with more than 100 colleges and universities (including some of the best—e.g., Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and the New England Conservatory) engaged in teaching and research, it is no wonder that Boston, Massachusetts attracts the most diverse group of scholars, teachers, and students from around the world.

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